Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ubuntu Is Magic!

I have been using Ubuntu Linux for about a year, dual-booting with MS Windows 2000 on my development computer. At first I used version 5.1 “Breezy Badger”, then moved on to 6.0.6 “Dapper Drake”. I am now using 6.10 “Edgy Eft”, and it is the best experience I have ever had from an operating system. I have Mandriva 2007 installed on my main system dual-booting with XP Pro and I really like that, but Ubuntu is perfect for anyone who would like an easy experience with Linux.

I rarely boot into Windows 2000 now on my development system there is just no need to. All of the development work I do with Object Pascal and Java I can do with Ubuntu. I have Lazarus installed for pascal and Eclipse for Java. Both excellent tools and they just work which is what you need isn’t it?

If you haven’t tried Ubuntu then perhaps you should. It is free, you can download the burnable image from their site or even order it and they will send it to you for free! is where you can get it from. Give it a go.

I have it installed on my laptop as well. No problems, everything recognised on install. No drivers to install and configure, my wireless card worked from the start and I can connect to networks without any trouble. Simple.

One of the great things about it is that you do not have to pay for anything. You have a great range of software freely available to download and install from the repositories that cover almost everything you could want. I will admit that games coverage is a bit patchy at the moment but lets face it gamers are in the minority as far as the total number of computer users are concerned.

I have only paid for one software application for Linux. I have a Canon inkjet printer and Canons attitude towards Linux stinks. They seem to think that if they stick their head in the sand that it will go away. Wrong. So I downloaded a trial version of TurboPrint from because it promised to allow me to use all of the facilities of my i865. It works a treat, even the CD printing. It didn’t cost a great deal, about £20. If Canon would face up to the realities of life as HP have done then I could have saved the money and bought a couple of bottles of wine!

OpenOffice is included on the CD as is Evolution. Google for them to find out more, research is always recommended before you take the plunge. You won’t regret it I haven’t.


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