Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last O.U. Module

Here I go again, another few months of head scratching and angst. The last module before I hopefully earn my degree. This is the Computing and IT project, where I have to research, plan and implement a project of my own that takes in all of the lessons I have learned from the previous modules.

I don't expect to post much (ha!) for the next months. No change there then.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Photo Gallery online

At long last I am able to put my photos online again. Galleria-Lite is live and I am beginning to upload pictures. The problem I had with multiple uploads has been resolved. I had to limit the pixel and file sizes of photos to enable them.

Galleria-Lite is also available on my website as a download if you want to use it yourself. There are instructions included with the download, they are also available as a separate pdf file.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Photo Gallery nearly complete

I have been able to sort out the problems I had with uploading photos to my online gallery. It turns out that the file size and the physical pixel size was the problem. So I have been able after reducing the pixel size down to 800x600 and the file size down to around 500KBytes or smaller to upload and generate a thumbnail for each photo.

My next job is to use a multi file upload algorithm to choose and upload up to 5 photos at any one time to a gallery. This is in hand and although I have tested it on my local lamp server I haven't tried it yet 'live' on my web hosts server.

Fingers crossed.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Photo Update

I have a little local difficulty with the photo gallery I'm writing. On my system it works great with Xampp. I can upload multiple photos and each photo automatically generates a thumbnail. When I upload the lot to my testing area on my web host it falls to pieces. I have adjusted the memory available to each file and for the total upload size available, but to no avail. It seems to be the thumbnail generation that is the problem.

The gallery displays the photos very well and I can create galleries and have them displayed without any problems, it's just the upload that is causing me to jump up and down.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Fotopic problem.

Apparently Fotopic's servers are offline so my photo's are not available. As far as I can make out they are down for good.

This could be a problem if I didn't have a solution waiting in the wings. I have written a small photo gallery that I can use instead. It uses Sqlite as a back-end and is written in PHP. I will upload this onto my web space soon and begin to post photos.

Fingers crossed.

Friday, February 04, 2011

This is a Local Shop!

Last night we went of to Helston to watch 'The Kings Speech'. Excellent movie by the way and superb performances all round.

The cinema in Helston is small, two screens seating no more than 80 people each. Cosy would be more the word I would use. I booked online at 5p.m. and we turned up at 8 p.m. for the showing. Into Thurleys first for some of their Fish and Chips (complete with mushy peas). Another gem in Helston and well recommended.

If you haven't seen 'The Kings Speech' I urge you to see it. If you have, then you know just what I am posting about.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A nice new suit.

Well, there we are, I weakened and bought a new motherboard, CPU, Ram and Graphics card.
No excuses, I looked around and as the prices are coming down I snapped the kit up for a bargain price. An MSI motherboard with an Athlon 64 dual core chip (5000+), 2 GByte of ram and an Nvidia 9500GT card with 1GByte of graphics ram.

My 'old' kit now inhabits my spare (test) machine and is still giving sterling service. I'm still running XP Pro and Vector Linux 6, but as soon as Vector Linux 7 is released with 64 bit support I will install that. Not Windows 7 though, I still do not have more than a handfull of customers using it. No one has it as an upgrade, it's all new systems. The usual teething troubles with it, as usual Microsoft need to release a service pack to fix some of the problems.

Vector runs like a champ on this new system and XP has a noticeable speed increase too.

Yes, I am a happy bunny!